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August 4, 2023

Dear EGPOA Members,

You previously received Notice of the 2023 First Annual Meeting, which will be held Sunday August 20, 2023 at 9:00 a.m. at the EGPOA Board Room (at the Entertainium), 139 Old Sackett Road, Rock Hill, New York 12775.

The Agenda for the 2023 First Annual Meeting will include one update and two voting items as follows:

  • Election for the EGPOA Board of Directors – Vote
  • Proposal to Amend the Bylaws to Create a Standing Bylaws Committee – Vote
  • Update from the 2022-2023 Board on Capital Project Accounting (Pool & Entertainium Projects Accounting)

Important:  here are instruction on how to submit your vote:

Your completed ballot should be placed in the “Ballot Envelope.”  Seal the Ballot Envelope and place it in the envelope addressed to Marvin Newberg, Esq.  The envelope addressed to Marvin Newberg, Esq. must be signed by the member casting that ballot.  There is signature space provided on the back of the envelope.

As a reminder, there will be no Budget vote at this First Annual Meeting. Given a Bylaws amendment approved by Members at the 2022 Annual Meeting, there is a Second Annual Meeting to be held in November to vote on an annual budget.

This year all documents (resumes, by-laws amendment) can be found through the below QR code or on the Emerald green website,, under the “news and events” tab. Printed copies can be obtained in the Emerald Green Office.

Board Election

There will be four seats up in this year’s election.  There are five candidates for election.  Two are incumbent Board members – Alex Rey and Dan Brumbaugh – who are seeking re-election.  The additional three candidates are Beverly Fernandez, Phillipa Alexander and Lesli Askew-Halprin. 

Bylaws Amendment

Under the current Bylaws, all committees are created and seated by the Board for that particular term.  Given the unique function of the bylaws committee, the current EGPOA Bylaws Committee proposed to create a standing committee of volunteers with three-year terms, to ensure consistency and institutional knowledge for this important function.  The EGPOA Board adopted the Bylaws Committee’s proposal, with one amendment to the quantity of votes needed to remove a Bylaws Committee member (raised to two-thirds). 

The Board recommends Members vote “yes” on this amendment.  

Capital Projects Accounting Update

The Board has been constantly watching the association’s financials, particularly regarding the income and expenditures to complete the Pool and Entertainium projects.  As promised during last fall’s Revised Capital Assessment initiative, the Board will provide the community with an update on the spending and income for these projects to date. 

We look forward to seeing you on August 20th.


The EGPOA Board of Directors

Patrick Kennell –

Earl Silas –

Dan Brumbaugh –

Christopher Loomis –

Joel Cohen –

Tom Ganz –

Arthur Kaplan –

Ilana Kaufman –

Alex Rey –

Zack Siegel

Hal Simon –

Below are the resumes for the 2022 Board of Director Candidates

Below is a copy of the proposed 2022 budget-

Below are the resumes for the 2021 Board of Director Candidates.