Emerald Green located in the hamlet of Rock Hill, New York in the vibrant town of Thompson.  Nestled in the foothills of the Catskills, the area offers much to see and explore.



Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the main office located?

The main office is located at 139 Old Sackett Road, at the Entertainium. When you go down the stairs toward the main entrance to the Entertainium, follow the sidewalk to the right. The office is on the side of the building.

How do I obtain my Emerald Green ID cards?

The Emerald Green Passpoint ID cards can be obtained at the Emerald Green office. All members of the household 16 and over should have an Emerald Green pass to use any of the community amenities. Children under the age of 16 are not required to have a pass and must be accompanied by an adult when using any of the Emerald Green common areas. In addition to your official Emerald Green photo identification, the pass serves as your access card for gates and facility entrances throughout the community.

To obtain your ID, please stop by the Emerald Green office–all members requiring a pass must come to the office to have their photo taken. In addition to your member passes, each household is issued two guest passes.

I lost my Emerald Green ID. What should I do?

All lost or stolen IDs must be reported to the Emerald Green office IMMEDIATELY. The cards will be deactivated to prevent unauthorized use. If you happen to find your missing pass, it can be reactivated by contacting the office. Replacement passes can also be obtained at the office, at a cost of $25.00 each.

I have friends / family visiting. Is it possible to get additional guest passes?

Each household is entitled to two permanent guest passes. If you require additional guest passes, they may be obtained from the Emerald Green office at a cost of $5.00 each. Guest passes are valid through the Sunday after which they are purchased.

How many guests am I allowed to bring to the pool / to use Emerald Green amenities?

Emerald Green members are entitled to bring two guests with them to use any of the Emerald Green amenities. You will recieve your two permanent guest passes when you come in to the office to get your Emerald Green Member IDs / access cards. Additional passes may be obtained from the Emerald Green office at a cost of $5.00 each and are valid through the Sunday after they are purchased. There is no limit on the number of guests you may bring, however all guests must have a pass. All guests must be accompanied by an Emerald Green member with a valid Passpoint ID.

Is fishing allowed on Emerald Green lakes?

Fishing is permitted on all three of the Emerald Green lakes (Lake Louise Marie, Treasure Lake, Davies Lake) by Emerald Green members and their guests. All lakes are “Catch and Release” only. Fishermen must obide by all New York State Fishing Regulations.

Where can I keep my boat?

The Emerald Green Deed Restrictions do not permit boats or other recreational vehicles to be stored outdoors on an owner’s property. Boats may be stored indoors (in a garage or a shed), on a personal dock during the summer months (May 1st through November 30th) or using one of several options made available to our members. Winter storage is made available to members by the compost area (by the Entertainium). Please visit the office during normal business hours to obtain a key. Storage racks are also available for year-round storage by the pool and by the dam for a $50 fee. Finally, a limited number of dock spaces are available to members in good standing by the pool and by the dam on Lake Shore Drive West. Slip spaces are available on a  first-come, first-serve basis, beginning May 1st for a fee of $100 per season.