Entertainium Minimum Age Requirement Update

Published on: March 13, 2024

To EGPOA Members: The EGPOA Board recently voted to amend the minimum age requirement for unaccompanied access to the Entertainium (and outdoor) courts from 16 to 13 years old, providing more recreation access for children and families of EGPOA.  The minimum age requirement for unaccompanied access to the Entertainium Fitness Center (workout equipment) and the Pool remain unchanged, however.

Going forward, children ages 13 and above, who reside in the household of an EGPOA Member in good standing, may access the Entertainium courts (but not the Entertainium Fitness Center or the Pool) and all outdoor EGPOA courts, without being accompanied by an adult.  The child may only access the courts with an EGPOA ID card / fob, which will be issued by the Management Office (such IDs will be marked “UNDER 16,” to indicate that the minor is not allowed to access the Pool or Fitness Center unaccompanied by an adult).  A parent or guardian will be required to sign the Entertainium waiver/release form for their child(ren), which will include accepting responsibility for all guests, before an ID / fob can be issued.  Children will be permitted to bring friends / guests as any other Member, and all children and any guests are subject to and must obey all applicable Rules and direction from Security staff at all times.