Letter from Sharon Bobbins, Events Committee Chair

Published on: September 17, 2020

Dear Fellow EG Residents,

It feels like yesterday that I was paddle boarding on the lake watching the eagle circling overhead and today I’m planning on the inevitable- packing the paddleboard up for the winter. It was a summer like no other…one in which phrases like “social distancing”, “out of an abundance of caution” and “no mask, no service” became part of our lexicon.

On behalf of the events committee, I’d like to share that when my committee and I met at the end of last summer, 2019, we had pre-planned many events for summer 2020-fireworks, community barbeques, a grand opening pool party, children’s events and many other activities. As we all know, these did not come to fruition.

While our hands were tied due to various restrictions, we did hold weekly free outdoors yoga classes and weekly body blast classes. We were able to hold our annual garage sale and got great feedback from residents. As a result, going forward, we will encourage trick or treating with a pre-printed community map so that it is more fun for the kids -they will know which houses are “Halloween hospitable. “

Inasmuch as the pool construction was halted due to a construction stop order issued by the state, we moved seating around to accommodate folks by the lake and the dam so people could stretch out and relax.  To ensure everyone’s safety and that the facilities were limited to dues paying members, we hired a security guard to monitor and patrol these open spaces. We were proactive and we were reactive to ensure we could offer as much as possible while keeping everyone safe. The Board continued to meet and discuss, debate and decide on EG issues via Zoom and increased our TQ (Technology Quotient) exponentially!

In all, we made the best of a very unprecedented, historic situation.

We have exciting changes to look forward to in the next few months. Once the restrictions on Covid lift, we will have more community spaces and amenities to enjoy! The following updates are based on current information and may change based on circumstances.

  • Our new pool complex will have gunite sprayed in it and concrete poured around it within the next month or so.
  • The pool house is up and should be completed within the next 2 months. HVAC is being installed, and then application of spray foam, sheetrock, paint, etc. This space will have an “All Purpose Room” downstairs, a mini gym upstairs and new bathrooms (no showers).
  • Our clubhouse’s exterior is completed, and the interior will be completed by the end of October. You will see there are new floors, a new kitchen, new interior doors and the bathrooms are getting a much-needed facelift over the next few weeks. Because of Covid restrictions, its use is currently limited to bathroom access only.
  • Our pickleball and tennis courts by the clubhouse/activity center should be coated, fenced and nets installed within the next 2 weeks.
  • Construction on the Activity Center/Entertanium has begun!
  • Our new website is up and running -any questions regarding functionality or access, please call the office.

While most of us would have liked to see these upgrades completed prior to the summer, COVID set us back in terms of construction, workers and their procurement of supplies. It’s been a challenging time to be witness to so many large-scale projects, but many things were out of our control.

I look forward to the seasons changing, to completion of the pool, reopening our facilities, and working with our welcome committee to welcome new members to EG. I’d like to thank Carla Cohn, Nita Taublib, Donna Goldoff and Carol Simonetti for assembling and delivering packets and welcome gifts to our new homeowners and helping them feel and become assimilated.  We look forward to including other volunteers once Covid limitations are behind us. I’d also like to thank Michael Hoyt, Brittany Cunningham and the entire office staff for the great work they did this season and for working with me so seamlessly. I’d also like to thank Alan Schantz who kept me posted on all matters related to EG and who continues to be a great sounding board for my ideas and plans. Finally, I’d like to thank my fellow board members who are passionate about their visions and beliefs and want the very best for our community.  

David Feller is retiring from the board this year and has dedicated much time and energy to EG over the years. Thanks, David for your contributions!

It has been a pleasure to serve on the board these past 3 years and I look forward to EG’s future! Wishing everyone a Safe and Wonderful Autumn!

Sharon Bobbins